I have been an addictions specialist for over 30 years and have worked with hundreds of individuals, children and families. Lori Lanpher stands out as one of the most inspiring clients with whom I have had the true privilege of knowing and walking beside. Because of Lori, I never give up on anyone. Her struggles, victories and her training serve to help a multitude of other women fighting the disease of addiction. 


I have known Lori for 3 years.  During that time I have watched her push through pain and show amazing growth on the other side.  She has a passion for women and has a gift of nurturing firmly while loving women through the battles and wars of addiction and recovery.  She is an amazing woman and has definitely found her purpose in "The Butterfly House"!  Our world could use more women like Lori in it!!

 - Kathy P.

Lori Lanpher has been a hugely important part of my recovery. From the day I stepped foot in Preston Group, she accepted me as her own, without so much as a blink of an eye.  
Lori continues to text me every day and has made sure I know there is someone looking out for me. She is a true friend.

- Anonymous

 I watched Lori grow in her sobriety as I struggled with my own. I received the gift of desperation in December 2012, and Lori was among a small circle of women whom I admired, and I wanted what she had.  When I realzed that my then-sponcer had done all that she could for me, I immediately turned to Lori. In true Lori fashion, she said YES! Happy, joyful and free to on a much deeper meaning for me from that point on. Although distance has come between us, I still consider her my innermost circle, and I continue to refer women struggling in the Dallas area to her. She is one of the most kind, humble, loving, charitable people I know, and my admiration for her grown with each new day. 

 - Jennifer G.

Lori Lanpher has helped  a lot of women get and stay sober. Her commitment to the 12 Steps of AA and to working with women who struggle, exceeds the norm. I have known her for over five years and am forever impressed by her willingness to to any lengths to carry the message of sobriety and recovery.   

- Kristy S.

I met Lori at Maggie’s House (Sobriety House) in July 2013. She was volunteering to help other women alcoholics and would come to the house to discuss the 12 steps of AA through the Big Book.  We would share with her our issues and she would teach us how to better our lives through learning and helping others.  I asked her to become my sponsor in 2014 because she was the most influential members of AA, she wanted to help others and she didn't judge. I relapsed in March 2015.  I felt like my life was over and I'd lost my children forever.  Lori pulled me out of it, and got me back on track and back to meetings and step work!!!  She has been a great sponsor, but most importantly, an amazing individual who gives back to others and wants to be apart of helping others with addictions.  I’m not sure when she sleeps, but she still has time to text me every single morning. “Good Morning,  Have a sober day!!" Her sobriety and knowledge of addiction will help so many.

- Melissa H.