Lori Lanpher

If someone told me how grateful I'd be for my journey through addiction, I'd call them crazy. I was convinced I was going to die an alcoholic. Today, with new passion and resolution, I am honestly thankful for each moment that led me to this one. I am not responsible for my addiction. I am responsible for my sobriety.

Addiction made me a stranger to myself. I dismissed my values, broke the law, spent time in jail, and was on probation in three counties. I went from suburban mom to felon. I ruined relationships with my friends and family and destroyed the trust of my three sons. I was completely alone. 

It took several relapses for me to finally have my moment of surrender…I'll never forget lying on the floor, crying with grief, unable to communicate with my children. That was the turning point for me, not the last time I used, but a true moment of clarity.  

I could never recover from this addiction on my own.

With each relapse I learned what behaviors to avoid. I learned every trick and every method because I tried to get sober so many times. It was hard to accept that "home" was toxic, but it became obvious that I was unable to stay sober there. Thats how I landed in "the rooms." The support I received there was countless and was the most active player in my long term recovery. I had finally fought down my demons and developed a beautiful new passion for working with women struggling with active addiction. 

At once, a dream was born. I would open a sober living house and offer a safe, supportive and serene environment for women to continue their recovery. I knew I could help women like me learn new habits and new skills that would help them stay sober and ultimately enhance their mind, body and spirit.

Today, I am on my way to completing my LCDC and am supremely blessed as I open The Butterfly Way Recovery House. Providing this opportunity for women to safely continue their recovery and find balance in all aspects of their lives is my joy and my privilege. And grateful is an understatement. Thank you.



Rita Angeloni

Rita guides clients through a self-directed process to find their space of integrity.  Integrity happens when our behaviors are consistent with our core values.  Helping clients to identify what they are most passionate about and what they value most begins a collaboration toward transformation.  The tools we cultivate build harmony by enabling clients to choose in favor of living those values.  Through this process, clients are able to find purpose and begin to fly into a life that feels joyful and fulfilled.

Rita has a passion for expanding the services she offers to clients.  In May, she will complete Yoga Teacher Certification and will continue on to Certification in Yoga Therapy.  As a Life Coach and Health Coach, she meets each client where they are and assists them in carving a unique path to healthy living in the areas of lifestyle, exercise, attitude, nutrition and spirituality.  Her guiding philosophy:  “We don’t focus on our problems, only our possibilities!”