The butterfly...

is a symbol of beauty, hope and transformation.
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At The Butterfly Way, we help women escape the isolation of addiction,
and embrace the joy and freedom of sobriety.
The Butterfly Way was created by women, for women.

We understand how difficult it can be to take care of ourselves.  We know first-hand how the stress, pressure and pain in our lives can feel overwhelming.  We know that true recovery requires a healthy mind, body and spirit. 
At The Butterfly Way, we give our guests the time, space, and freedom to heal so they can emerge from the darkness and spread their wings.

About Us

The Butterfly Way is a sober living experience for mature women -- a serene, supportive environment where women embrace transformation. We offer a home away from home where women can focus on themselves and develop new coping and life skills.


Our Community Values

  • Spirituality
  • Fellowship
  • Service
  • Accountability, and
  • The 12 Steps


Our Mission

To provide women with a safe and substance-free living environment. We promote recovery by fostering spiritual fulfillment, purpose, connection and community service.

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The Butterfly Way Difference

The Butterfly Way offers an individualized recovery program focused on complete wellness – physical, emotional, and spiritual – exclusively designed for women ages 35 and up. Our guests can choose to return to their careers, or spend time focusing exclusively on their healing process. The Butterfly Way offers women options for flexibility and privacy that are not available at other sober living facilities, and experience first-class amenities in a safe and beautiful living space.